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Nano TDA-4B aerosol generator


Nano TDA-4B aerosol generator is a portable cold generation aerosol generator developed and produced polydisperse aerosol by our company. This kind of aerosol generator is suitable for air flow ≤50000m3/h, and can produce polydisperse aerosol with 0.5-2×1013 P/h.It can meet the requirements of HEPA filter testing for all small clean units to large clean room supply air systems. Nano TDA-4B produces a continuous, stable aerosol particle with easy solution filling.
Note: Customers need to configure their own compressed air pump or air source.
Model Nano TDA-4B
Aerosol output volume flow 1-2.5m3/h
Aerosol generation rate 0.5- 2×1013P/h
Atomization pressure ≥10Kpa – 80Kpa adjustable
Aerosol particle size distribution 0.02-2um
Aerosol type DEHS cold polydisperse, PAO/DOP cold polydisperse
Dimensions H×W×L Height 200×Width 250×Length 370 mm
Weight (kg) 3kg
External air source (compressed air) less than 0.7Mpa clean and stable air supply



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