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Nano Laser 5016 laser particle counter


The Nano 5016 Remote Particle Counter is the most feature-advanced remote particle counter available. Integration is easy into a building automation and cleanroom management system via Ethernet, RS485


he basic principle of Laser5016 laser particle counter is the detection of optical sensor. After scattering by particles, the laser is received by photosensitive element and generates pulse signal. The pulse signal is output and amplified, and then digital signal processing is carried out. By comparing with standard particle signal, the comparison result is expressed with different parameters.The measurement parameter setting, measurement result display, button, timing, printing, time, date and data storage of the instrument are controlled and realized by the built-in microcomputer (MCU) and touch screen. The instrument can simultaneously display the temperature and humidity of the environment and monitor and report the working status of the laser particle sensor.The particle counter is designed according to the international standard (air sampling flow is 2.83l/min). It can detect six particle size channels at the same time. The sampling time can be set arbitrarily according to the user’s needs.The sampling data can be stored in the built-in flash memory, and can be exported on the upper computer software through USB.


It is used to measure the number and size distribution of dust particles per unit volume in clean environment.

It is widely used in drug control institutes, blood centers, and Epidemic prevention stationCDC, Institute of quality supervision and other authorities, electronic industry, pharmaceutical workshop, semiconductor, optical or Precision machining Plastic, spray painting, hospital, environmental protection, Inspection Institute and other production enterprises and scientific research departments.

Technical Index

model Laser5016 laser dust particle counter
Sampling flow 2.83L/min ±5%
Particle size grading 0.5μm,0.7um,1μm,3μm,5μm,10μm
Laser light source Long life laser diode, service life of 10 years
Inlet air pump Stable continuous operation, energy saving and environmental protection
Verification standard GB/T6167-2007,JJF1190-2008
Relative error of repeatability <±10%
Particle size distribution error <±30%
Maximum sampling concentration 35000 / L
clean-down capability Less than 10 min (counting three times in 10 minutes is zero, 95% confidence level)
sampling period User self setting (5 ~ 9999 seconds)
Sampling delay User set (1 ~ 100 seconds) interval 1-1800s
UCL sampling times 1~50
UCL sample number (location) 2~50
working hours The continuous test time is about 5 hours
Data memory capacity 1 ~ 1000 groups of measurement data, can be inquired
Counting mode Cumulative number
Screen display Color 5-inch touch screen
Printing mode Built-in Thermal Printer
Charging power supply AC 220 V / 50 Hz
Built in lithium battery DC 16.8v 2.2ah
Charging adapter Input 100-240V, 50 Hz, output 16.8v 2A
Battery charging time 6 hours
Determination standard of cleanliness grade ISO 14644-1, GMP static, GMP dynamic
Temperature and humidity Matching
Data communication interface USB
Environmental Science Application environment: 0 ~ 40 ℃ relative humidity 10 ~ 90%
Storage environment: – 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, relative humidity 0 ~ 90%
Standard accessories Isodynamic sampling head, sampling head connected with PVC hose (inner diameter of 6mm), self-cleaning filter, tripod, printing paper, portable protection box, charging adapter, U disk, operation manual, original calibration report and certificate
Dimensions 170mm in length, 170mm in width and 160mm in height
texture of material SUS304 stainless steel
Weight (including battery) 2.4kg



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