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Nano FKC-I Microbial Air Sampler


FKC-I Microbial air sampler is a kind of high-efficiency multi-hole inhaled air sampler.It is designed in accordance with the principle of isokinetic sampling,It samplers directly and keeps wind speed of sampling basically consistent with that of clean room,so that reflecting the concentration of animalcule in clean room more accurately.When sampling ,the air with puffball will bump into the agar surface in culture dish through tiny holes swiftly.These animalcules grow quickly with the help of agar surface,thus the result will be obtained faster.

Operational Environment

Temperature 10–35℃
Relative humidity 10–90 percent RH
Atmospheric pressure 80—110kPa
Maximum dust concentration 100000000 particles/ m³@0.5µm or 0.2mg/m³

Feature and Parameter

Sampling inlet has many tiny holes to reduce puffball superposition and error of animalcule count.
Sampling flow 100L/min
Inlet impact speed 0.38m/s basically the same as the speed of clean room.

(isokinetic sampling)

Sampling quantity can be set from 0.001—9.999m³
Standard dimension of culture dish Φ90*15
Power supply DC16.8V chargeable battery which can supply 4hours power
Dimension  Φ120*325
Weight 3.0kg



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