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Nano 7888 aerosol generator


Nano 7888 aerosol generator produces highly dispersed aerosols with a particle size range of 0.01-2 μ M. It is a novel and innovative aerosol generator that can generate aerosols using different materials (PSL, DOP, silicone oil, salt, sugar, etc.). It generates polydisperse aerosols by atomizing the solution, and can also produce monodisperse aerosols by atomizing suspended monodisperse particles. The particle concentration can be adjusted by adjusting the flow rate of the atomizer. The spray aerosol generator is lightweight, compact and high strength design.
Aerosol Generator Nano 7888 is a Collision-type atomizer

Concentrations over 107particles/cm3
Nominal aerosol flow rate of 3.0 L/min
Example aerosols:
Up to 2 µm PSL
Salt aerosol with mode in the range of 20 to 100 nm
Oil aerosol

Filter testing
Instrument calibration,Material synthesis,Biological and medical research
Research requiring polydisperse, high-concentration aerosol


Weight 1.1 kg


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