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Nano 3321 Aerosol Generator


Aerosol generators are needed in many practical tests, and aerosol particles with adjustable concentration must be continuously and stably produced with a fixed particle size distribution. Most spray aerosol generators have specially designed nozzles. Compressed air is blown into the liquid to be atomized through an annular gap. The shear force between the air injection port and the liquid fully disperses the droplets in this so-called annular gap. , forming fine aerosol particles, while the inertial impactor captures large aerosol particles and returns them to the liquid container, so that the output particle size is mainly distributed below 2 μm.

The advantage of the Nano 3321 integrated atomized aerosol generator is that it has a built-in micro air compressor, which can work when connected to the power supply. Secondly, it can also be directly connected to the compressed air source for work. Therefore, the Nano 3321 is a multi-functional The integrated atomized aerosol generator has a compact body and is easy to carry. It is very suitable for on-site testing of filters and clean environments.
Product application scope
Ø Filter test
Ø Particle size instrument evaluation
Ø Wind tunnel seeding
Ø Laminar flow box test
Ø Acceptance testing
Ø General testing, aerosol generation
Product technical indicators
Ø Particle type: DES, PAO, DOP, liquid paraffin oil, NaCl, KCl, PSL, other salt solutions
ØAerosol particle size range: 0.1~3.0μm, 0.2~0.3μm (DES sample)
Ø Output particle concentration: > 107/cm3
Ø Particle mass flow rate: 2.5 kg/h (DES sample)
Ø Flow rate: 1.0~4.2 L/min
Ø Air source: built-in air pump or external compressed air
Ø Air purification: built-in HEPA (high efficiency filter)
Ø Maximum back pressure: 10kPa (0.1bar)
Ø Power requirements: AC220V±10% / 50Hz
Ø Instrument size: 300 mm x 120 mm x 195 mm
Ø Instrument weight: 4.8 kg



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