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Diffusion Dryer

Nano 3065 aerosol Diffusion Dryer

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The aerosol diffusion dryer is an instrument that removes moisture from aerosol particles and is generally used in conjunction with an aerosol generator. The moist aerosol flows through a stainless steel semi permeable tube and does not come into direct contact with the molecular sieve desiccant. The moisture of the aerosol is removed by drying through diffusion. Because aerosols do not directly come into contact with silicone desiccants, the loss of aerosol particles is very small. A diffusion dryer is usually connected to an aerosol generator to dry and atomize the aerosol, generating solid condensation nuclei or monodisperse PSL balls.

The molecular sieve filled in the diffusion dryer can be reused. Place the saturated molecular sieve in a dry oven for drying, with the oven temperature not exceeding 130 degrees Celsius. After drying for 5-10 minutes, place it in a room temperature drying oven for natural cooling, and then reinstall it into a dryer or store it in a sealed dry place.


The Diffusion Dryer 3065 dries and removes water vapor from aerosol generated by our Atomizers.
Features and benefits
Uses diffusional capture
Maximum flow rate is 4 L/min


1 review for Nano 3065 aerosol Diffusion Dryer


    Nano 3065 is great diffusion dryer, cheap and easily use!

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