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TDA-4B Aerosol Generator Manual

Laskin Nozzle Atomized Aerosol Generator

I.  Principle Introduction

II. Product Feature

III. Application Environment

IV. Technical Parameters

V.  Each Component Specification

VI. Operational Process

I.  Principle Introduction

This aerosol generator can produce submicron variety of suspended particles, the diameter of the oil mist concentration from 10 to 100 micrograms per liter, when the velocity between 50 to 8100 cubic feet per minute (pressure under 20 psi). Suspended particle generator and spectrophotometer was used to efficient air filtration system integrity test source or find leak test. Filter manufacturer use this device to scan ULPA filter and HEPA (super efficient, efficient) to verify their products. Commercial filter argument to confirm this equipment filter is not damaged in transit and whether be installed completely right and no leakage.

Under the suitable combination of suspended particle generator and photometer, filter some disadvantages, like the pinhole, thin spot, gasket leaking, structural disclosure or seal can be rapid and quantitative measuring to be revised so as to protect the product and personnel.

TDA – 4 b aerosol generator function has been improved in several ways, like solid stainless steel construction and large fills the mouth, separate shower nozzle control and 3 inches standard health joint output.An optional hose adapters, and to provide import suspension particles into the positive pressure system.The TDA – 4 b is the company’s recent design durable, lightweight, small, compact suspended particle generator.Just need the supply of clean compressed air to produce a variety of the diameter of the suspension of submicron particles.

The TDA – 4 b aerosol generator has six nozzle, when it is in the 20 psi diluted into the 810 cubic feet of air per minute, the gas concentration is about 100 micrograms per liter.Three valve allows the instrument can be between 1 and 6 nozzle operation, provide a wide range of particle concentration in the atmosphere.

II. Product Feature

1   Laskin Nozzle :way of producing dust

2   Manually adjustable

3   The large capacity load producing dust

III. Application Environment

Laminar flow cabinet, clean room, HVAC system, HEPA filter, ULPA filter,

Operatiing room, Nuclear filtering system, Pooling protection filter, R&D…

IV. Technical Parameters

Air suspended particles output range50-8100 cubic feet per minute (1.4-229 m3/min)
Concentration of suspended particles100ug/l when the flow 810 cubic feet per minute
Concentration of suspended particles10ug/l when the flow 8100 cubic feet per minute
Produce type1 to 6 Laskin Nozzle
The compressed air3 to 18 cubic feet per minute flow under 20 psi
In the particlePAO, DOP, more dispersed
Type of gasA variety of the diameter of the particles (cold)
Size25cm L X 28cm W X23cm H

Vl. Operational Process

A. Supply aerosol unscrew in liquid filing mouth,at the top of the instrument into as many as three-quarters full erosol solution,don’t be toofull.Just under half should be added into aerosols.(aerosol generator side level chart)

B.Connect air compressor wil be dry. clean compressed gas injection regulator gas entrance.Also can connect the nitrogen bottle, bottle it withnitrogen instead of air compressor, convenient to carry.Spherical gas valve can be used to switch control of injection gas.

C.Pressure adjustment open the gas valve, adjust the pressure regulator knob 20 psi(0.14Mpa) the regulator such as downward,to lock up.fthe pressure for more than 20 psi, output concentration will be reduced.Please don’t exceed 60 psipressure gauge of the indicated value.

D.Output aerosol by changing Laskin switch direction of the Nozles can control the output concentration of aerosol particles, finally by thenozzle connector will import aerosol particles aerosol entrance is located in the upstream of the device under test.

Use the number of nozzlesLaskin Nozzles Switch

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