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What is a purification project? What are the components of cleanroom engineering?

Clean Room Project of Xianyang Rainbow

Purification engineering refers to the discharge of particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain air range, and the indoor temperature, dust particle counter, planktonic bacteria sampler, indoor pressure, air flow speed and air flow distribution, noise vibration and Lighting, static electricity and other contents are controlled within a certain range of requirements. To complete such an environmental process we call it a purification project. To determine whether a project requires purification projects, you must first understand the classification of purification projects. Purification projects are divided into mandatory and demand-based. Some industries have mandatory standards that require purification, such as pharmaceutical factories, operating rooms, medical equipment, food, beverages, etc., which have clear production conditions. According to GMP, they must be purified. Installing a clean room; on the other hand, the clean room installed based on its own process needs to ensure the qualification rate of products or that high-precision industries need to produce under purification conditions is a demand purification project. At present, whether it is a mandatory or demand-based project, the application scope of purification engineering can be said to be quite wide: medicine and health, precision manufacturing, optoelectronics, aerospace, food industry, cosmetics, etc. cannot escape this topic.
In view of the fact that many companies do not know what the purification project specifically refers to. First of all, we can review this issue by referring to the inspection content of the clean project by the inspection agency after the completion of the clean project construction.
The testing items of purification projects by professional institutions cover: wind speed and air volume, number of air changes, temperature and humidity, pressure difference, suspended particles, floating bacteria, sedimentation bacteria, noise, illumination, etc. These testing items look very professional, and they are all academic terms, and laypeople do not understand the knowledge involved. Generally speaking, the above content covers three aspects: HVAC system, ventilation and exhaust system and electrical system, which are also the three most important links of the purification project. However, this does not mean that purification projects only have these three aspects. We must not equate purification projects with air management. The complete purification project includes eight aspects: decoration, decoration and maintenance structural system, HVAC system, ventilation and exhaust system, fire protection system, electrical system, process piping system, automatic control system, and water supply and drainage system.
Decoration and maintenance structure system: Different from general home decoration and industrial decoration, the decoration and decoration link of purification projects generally refers to the floor, ceiling, partition and other enclosure structure systems. Simply speaking, it refers to the three parts of the roof, wall and floor, which are composed of Six sides of a three-dimensional confined space. Of course, it also includes doors, windows and other decorative parts.
HVAC system: including cold (hot) water units (including water pumps, cooling towers, etc.) (or air-cooled pipeline stages, etc.), air conditioning pipelines, combined purification air conditioning boxes (including mixed flow section, primary effect section, heating section, Refrigeration section, dehumidification section, pressurization section, intermediate effect section, static pressure section, etc.).
Ventilation and exhaust system: The ventilation system includes a complete set of devices including air inlets, exhaust outlets, air supply ducts, fans, cooling and heating, filters, control systems and other ancillary equipment. The exhaust system includes an entire system consisting of exhaust hoods or air suction outlets, purification equipment and fans.
Fire protection system: emergency exits, emergency lights, sprinkler devices, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, automatic alarm facilities, fire shutters, etc.
Electrical system: lighting, power, and weak current parts, including purification lamps, sockets, electrical cabinets, lines, monitoring, telephones and other strong and weak current systems.
Process pipeline system: In purification projects, it mainly includes: gas pipelines, material pipelines, purified water pipelines, injection water pipelines, steam, pure steam pipelines, primary water pipelines, circulating water pipelines, emptying and discharge water pipelines, condensate water, cooling water Pipes etc.
Automatic control system: including temperature control, temperature control, air volume and pressure control, opening sequence and time control, etc.;
Water supply and drainage system: system layout, pipeline selection, pipeline laying, drainage accessories and small drainage structure, purification plant circulation system, layout and installation of drainage system, etc.
The content of these links and each system are intricate and closely related to each other. Therefore, many Party A only truly feel the complexity and difficulty of the purification project content during the process of docking the design plan with the designer many times. Ordinary decoration companies cannot undertake professional cleaning projects. Only professional counterpart companies with qualifications and experience in cleaning and purification projects can undertake such projects. Only those who specialize in air purification engineering, clean room engineering decoration, clean air conditioning unit system installation, clean air filtration system installation, clean workshop electromechanical installation, clean room floor installation, etc., have obtained a formal business license and their business scope has clean room Or companies in the purification plant decoration, environmental protection engineering, and mechanical and electrical installation fields can be called purification engineering companies.

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