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Introduction to Clean Room Project of Xianyang Rainbow 150K Capacity Expansion and Technical Renovation Project

Clean Room Project of Xianyang Rainbow

The Xianyang Rainbow 150K production capacity expansion technical transformation project of the fourth company of Shaanxi Construction Installation Group started on October 1 and lasted 70 days. Overcoming rain and snow weather, it completed the laying of 18,000 meters of indoor and outdoor air-conditioning water pipes, process exhaust, air-conditioning fresh air and anti- There are 16,000 square meters of smoke exhaust pipes, 13,000 meters of fire sprinkler pipes, 180,000 meters of various cable and wire laying, 298 installations of various equipment, 24,000 square meters of epoxy primer and intermediate coating in the clean room, upper and lower ceilings and second floors of the clean room. The secondary steel structure is 69,000 square meters, and the clean room metal wall panels are installed at 25,000 square meters. This successfully ensured the node task of positive pressure air supply in the clean room on December 10, creating favorable conditions for the subsequent epoxy surface coating construction, and also for The subsequent FFU installation and debugging bought time.
Positive pressure air supply is a prerequisite for epoxy surface coating construction and FFU installation. The successful realization of the positive pressure air supply node task cannot be achieved without the construction personnel working on the front line, let alone the strong support of the company leaders. There are only 21 days left before the clean room process equipment is moved in on December 31. The project department will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, make a zoning construction plan in the next 21 days, and do the final sprint work to ensure that the process equipment is moved in ahead of schedule. .
This project is an LCD panel project that the group company cooperates with China Electronics Rainbow Optoelectronics again after Corning Glass Substrate Factory and Rainbow (Hefei) G8.5 LCD Substrate Glass Project. The project is located at Gaoke 1st Road, Xianyang City, with a construction area of 31,000 square meters and a production area It is a steel structure factory building with two floors in part. The office area, substation and equipment station building are frame beam structures. The clean room area is 23,000 square meters. The total mechanical and electrical installation price of the group company is 130 million yuan. The overall construction period is three months. It mainly includes Clean decoration projects, CDA systems, nitrogen systems, process vacuum, pure wastewater, automatic control systems, HVAC, lighting and power supply, water supply and drainage, secondary distribution and outdoor projects.
Whether the project can be successfully fulfilled will directly play a decisive role in the expansion of TFT-LCD production capacity of Xianyang Rainbow Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., and is directly related to Xianyang Rainbow Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.’s market layout of semiconductor display devices in China. The dust particle counter used in this project is from Nano Hongkong.
Clean electronics factory is one of the main business sectors of the four companies. Since settling in Xianyang in June 2016, it has completed more than 400 million projects. In such a fiercely competitive environment, we can occupy the market with construction quality and contract performance capabilities. This is Inseparable from the strategic development of the four companies, we will continue to uphold the concept of win-win cooperation, continue to expand market share, and achieve greater results in the field of LCD panels.

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