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What are the requirements for measurement and calibration of particle counter?

Particle counter

The particle counter was developed from a microscope. It is also a measuring instrument specified by the state. The light source is its key component and has a great impact on the performance of the instrument.
The dust particle counter is a special measuring instrument for detecting the concentration and size of air dust particles in the clean room of the clean room and detecting the purification level (clean level). It is designed using the principle of light scattering and is in accordance with JJF-1190- The 2008 Dust Particle Counter Measurement and Calibration Measurement Specification requires sampling according to the ISO14644-1 standard and using microcomputer control and processing. It ranks first among similar products in China and is an ideal instrument for users to detect cleanliness levels in dust-free workshops and ultra-clean clean rooms.
Precautions for dust particle counters.

  1. Do not sample compressed air without high-pressure decompression equipment (such as a high-pressure diffuser). All particle counters are designed to operate at one atmospheric pressure.
  2. Do not start the counter when the inlet pipe is covered or blocked.
  3. Do not measure mixed gases that may react (such as hydrogen and oxygen). This gas may also cause an explosion within the counter. To measure these gases, contact the manufacturer for more information.

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