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some skill of the aerosol diffusion dryer

Nano 3065 Diffusion Dryer

The aerosol diffusion dryer is an instrument that removes the moisture contained in aerosol particles. It is generally used in conjunction with an aerosol generator. The moist aerosol flows through the stainless steel semi-permeable tube and does not directly contact the molecular sieve desiccant. The moisture in the aerosol is dried and removed through diffusion. Because the aerosol does not directly contact the silica gel desiccant, the loss of aerosol particles is very small. The diffusion dryer is usually connected to an aerosol generator to dry the atomized aerosol and generate solid condensation nuclei or monodisperse PSL spheres.

The molecular sieve filled in the diffusion dryer can be reused. Place the saturated molecular sieve in a dry oven to dry. The oven temperature does not exceed 130 degrees Celsius. After drying for 5-10 minutes, place it in a normal temperature drying box to cool naturally, and then reinstall it in a desiccator or store it in a sealed dry.
Parameters: Optimum applicable gas volume: <4L/min

Application fields
It is mainly used to reduce the humidity of aerosols and can be used for basic aerosol research, haze research, filter material efficiency testing, and optical instrument calibration.

Technical parameters

  • The aerosol does not come into direct contact with the desiccant, minimizing the loss of particulate matter;
  • Parts in contact with the aerosol are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and has a long life;
  • The stainless steel semi-permeable pipe has a large diameter, which effectively reduces the eddy current loss of particulate matter;
  • Excellent drying performance.
  • Experimental data
    Aerosol flow rate (L/min) Inlet humidity Exit humidity
    2 95% 24.2%
    3 95% 29.2%
    4 95% 34%
    5 95% 40%
    6 95% 48.5%

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