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Cleanroom technology leader Exyte maintains strong growth

Cleanroom technology leader Exyte maintains strong growth

The cleanroom technology specialist had planned to go public. Now, shareholders want a financial investor instead. According to financial sources, the Stuttgart-based equipment engineering company Exyte is looking for financial investors. Austrian entrepreneur Georg Stump wants to sell a minority stake and hopes to obtain a total valuation of about 4 billion euros, according to people familiar with the matter. Relevant advisers are planning an investor process for the equipment maker. The planned investor search process is just the beginning, and no final decision is expected in the short term. Exyte and its advisers declined to comment.
In April this year, Exyte CEO Wolfgang Buchele announced in an interview that the company’s turnover will grow to 10 billion euros by 2027 – double compared with 2021. Given the huge supply chain bottlenecks, chip companies are currently investing billions in new factories around the world. Wolfgang Buchele explained that Exyte’s orders for goods in the first few months of this year far exceeded expectations, and its customers include Intel and Infineon. But there are also critics of the company’s prospects. According to an industry insider: “The chip cycle has reached its peak.
Exyte has tried several times to drum up investor interest, so far without success. The company originally wanted to go public in 2018, targeting a valuation of €3 billion, but this did not happen. IPOs conducted through SPAC transactions (ie, mergers with a listed shell company) have also not been successful. Last year, according to financial sources, Exyte had almost reached an agreement with a US SPAC company, but at that time no investors were interested in the necessary capital increase (Pipe). The deal had to be cancelled.
The name Exyte is almost unknown to the public, but Exyte has a long tradition: Founded in 1912 by Karl Meissner and Paul Wurst, the company is one of the pioneers of clean room technology. Over the past 30 years, shareholders have changed frequently, and CEOs have changed frequently. Since 2009, the company is owned by Austrian entrepreneur Georg Stumpf.

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